April 27, 2014

Right Now

What am I doing at the moment?
  • I have just started (well, actually a few months ago) my first year of university. I am studying law and history, which makes for a huge reading load! I am loving every minute of it, and don't even mind wading through the 86 page documents that are bound to accompany any and all areas of law - even for beginners. Which explains, but does not excuse, my absence. I'm working on that. As you can see.
  • I saw Divergent and loved it! It was better than I had imagined, and I didn't feel let down by the actors, direction of the film, or creation of the world. All the right details were present, yet I didn't find that they were catering too much for fans of the books - which can sometimes be a big problem. I definitely suggest that you go see it. But of course, read the book first!
  • After reading the amazing Graceling by Kristin Cashore, I raced out to the bookstore and bought the companion novel, Bitterblue. I have to steal myself away from it, lest I would spend the whole day absorbed in the pages. You absolutely must read all of Cashore's books - starting with Graceling. Now. Go. Read. Tell me what you think. 
  • I think that I should start a book club. What do you think of that? Would you be interested in reading a book a month and then talking about it? It could be done across platforms, or just on one, via email, or comments on posts? Please let me know via twitter, email, or commenting on this post if you are in the slightest interested!
  • I must now get back to reading the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. Mid Semester test on Wednesday, and two assignments due on Thursday. Fun times! 
Talk Later, 

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