April 24, 2010

Heist Society by Ally Carter

I recommend this book for girls aged 12-14.

Fans of Spy-type novels or Ally Carter will love her new installment 'Heist Society'.

Put yourself in the shoes of world-class thief, Katarina Bishop, daughter of the infamous Bobby Bishop. When Kat's dad is framed for stealing some priceless artwork, Kat must leave her attempt at a normal life and steal the paintings back, but that won't prove easy...

Set in the real world, Ally Carter uses situations that you can believe, but don't think would happen. But her lifelike characters make you feel as if you're in the book yourself!

 With nail-biting suspense, and twists and turns that you can't imagine, you'll find the story leaping off the page!

P.S. The First cover is Australian and the Second Cover is American

April 20, 2010

Watch This Space - I have two new projects

My two projects for the next few months is to read lots of Australian authors, and classical YA fiction.

If you have any books that you think would be included in these categories, please email me at: thebookslooth@gmail.com OR post a comment on this post.

Thank You,

P.S. I thought you would all enjoy this picture of the Trinity College Library

April 19, 2010

Percy jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan

1. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
2. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
3. Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse
4. Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth
5. Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian
6. The Demigod Files

This fabulous series by Rick Riordan is a must read for any girl or boy from 8 -12, or, any Greek mythology fan.
Based around and in Greek Mythology, the Percy Jackson series is based around the legendary adventures of Perseus (Percy) Jackson.
Percy Jackson captures you with wit, charm, adventure and believable characters that are just like you. (Although, you aren't a Demi-God, are you?!)
Growing up is hard, especially when you aren't fully human, monsters may chase after you, but,
when your math teacher becomes a monster, then you know you're in trouble.
This year, join Percy, Grover and Annabeth for the adventure of a lifetime!

To find which Demi-God you'd be, click here

April 17, 2010

Clarice Bean novels by Lauren Child

    Clarice Bean: Don't Look Now
    Clarice Bean: Spells Trouble
    Clarice Bean: Utterly Me

    In these hilarious, stand-alone novels by children's author Lauren Child, Clarice Bean, a young girl, tells of her adventures and day-to-day life.

    Any 8 - 10 year old girl will love these books. They are imaginative, fresh, fun, free-spirited and downright funny.

    Fans of Lauren Child will love her new semi-illustrated novels with family and friends that will keep you guessing.

    If your child is a reluctant reader, then get them hooked on these novels!
    There is also a series of picture books that are also featuring Clarice Bean entitled:

    Clarice Bean: That's Me
    Clarice Bean: My Uncle is a Hunkle
    What Planet are you from, Clarice Bean?
    Clarice Bean, Guess who's babysitting

    For More Information and book titles etc., visit Lauren Child's Website Here:

    April 11, 2010

    Vampire Beach series by Alex Duval

    1. Bloodlust
    2. Initiation
    3. Ritual 
    4. Legacy
    5. High Stakes
    6. Hunted

    I recommend Vampire Beach for girls aged 13 -15. If you're a fan of Vampire Novels, then you'll love this new series by Alex Duval.

    Be swept away and live the glamorous life of Jason Freeman, who just moved to the exclusive, gated community, DeVere Heights in Malibu. 
    Jason lives the high life of DeVere Heights, partying with beautiful people, and of course, Sienna Devereux. 
    Jason soon learns, that these parties are not as innocent as they look. Behind the gates of the somewhat perfect DeVere Heights lies a deadly secret that doesn't want to be discovered...
    Alex Duval is a great author, he uses simple language that won't leave you confused and reaching for a dictionary, and he uses real life situations and settings, but puts a spin on them.

    A fresh take on vampires and the vampire world is mixed in with the high lives and frivolous parties of the elite to create a page turning saga of 6 books full of unexpected twists and turns that will have you craving more...


    April 07, 2010

    Molly Moon Series by Georgia Byng

    1. Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism
    2. Molly Moon Stops the World
    3. Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure
    4. Molly Moon, Micky Minus and the Mind Machine 
    5. Molly Moon and the Morphing Mystery (released 2010)

    Join Orphan Molly Moon and her dog Petula the Pug into mind boggling mysteries and adventure. Molly has such fun that you will ant to pack up and join her!

    "Molly Moon is a wonderful new children's heroine" - David Heyman, Producer of the Harry Potter films
    I recommend this series for girls and boys aged 8 - 12. This book is full of adventure, intrigue and hypnotism. Jam-packed with new ideas and creative characters.
    I think that there is a little bit of Molly in all of us, hoping we could change the world to suit us!

    "It is hard to imagine a child who would not enjoy this original funny and inventive book" Eva Ibbotson

    I know many will enjoy the wit of this book, young or old.

    April 06, 2010

    April 05, 2010

    The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

    1. City of Bones 
    2. City of Ashes
    3. City of Glass

    I recommend the Mortal Instruments trilogy for girls, possibly boys, aged 12 - 14.
    If you like fantasy that is intermingled into the real world, then this is the book for you!
    A new world is created by the fabulous author Cassandra Clare who weaves believable and comedic characters that will make you laugh out loud.

    The Storyline is one fresh to the writing world, it keeps you on your toes with twists and turns that come as unexpectedly, and as fast as you will be turning the pages. You'll love the characters, hate them and be worried for them at the same time.

    Plunged into a world of magic and monsters, Clary must survive the challenges that face her, to save the ones that she loves.

    To read and excerpt of City of bones, click here
    To go to the website, click here

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