July 06, 2010

Ashbury / Brookfield Series by Jaclyn Moriarty

Written by renowned Australian Author Jaclyn Moriarty, this series is a winter must read.
Each novel being a companion to each other, these novels can be read in any order, but I would suggest them being read in the correct order. (as follows).
International covers have also been included !

To view the book synopsis' in a larger size, simply click on them.
Written in the form of meeting transcripts, HSC Exams, letters from the Ashbury-Brookfield Pen Pal project, flyers on the school notice-board and journal entries, this series will captivate your attention and keep it until the very last page.

I recommend these books for girls aged 12-15, they are brilliantly told stories that are all based around friendship.
In Feeling Sorry for Celia, the Bonds of Friendship are tested when Elizabeth's best friend decides to run away and join the circus.
Can Lydia and Emily, with the help of their Brookfield pen pals, find on what's happening with Cassie, is she really crazy?
In the Betrayal of Bindy Mackenzie, Bindy discovers herself, maybe finding friends along the way.
In the Last novel, Dreaming of Amelia, the characters who have grown up in the novels finally come together , only to be tested by the Mysterious Amelia and Riley.

NOTE: A review for Dreaming of Amelia was also published on Chicklish, click here to visit

Be sure to pick up a copy of these novels today, they're worth it!


Anonymous said...

I have read this series and I love it!
I recommend them to whoever is thinking about reading them.

Nomes (inkcrush) said...

these books are some of my favourite books in the whole world!!! I've re-read them a stack and I think Jaclyn is my most favourite author ever. She's just so whimsical and funny and her stories are so unexpected and Aussie and cool


Anna said...

we interview her!!!! you can find tit on cherry banana split. leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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