November 06, 2010

REVIEW: A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

As part of time travel month (12 October - 12 November 2010), I was excited to read the New York Times bestseller, A Great and Terrible Beauty.

After her mother's death in India, Gemma Doyle is sent to a  finishing school in Spence, England. 
After the terrible prediction of her mother's death, Gemma finds herself repeatedly experiencing similar visions of the future. Unsure what is happening to her, an aloof, cloaked stranger warns her about the dangers of her powers and the world around her. Can Gemma save herself before it all goes too far?

I found that this book was a bit slow for the first one or two chapters, but after that, you find yourself reaching for A great and Terrible Beauty around the clock.
The descriptions painted by Bray were effortless to visualize, leaving you with a lasting picture of the settings and all the characters. The characters came  from all ends of the spectrum; from withdrawn and reserved to fervent and temperamental.The characters were illustrated through their speech and behavior which effectively created a setting that took you back in time.
I thoroughly enjoyed A Great and Terrible Beauty and recommend it to girls aged 13-16 or fans of Anna Godbersen or Jenna Burtenshaw.

Other Books in the series
2. Rebel Angels
3. The Sweet Far Thing

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Anna said...

that is such a cool title, it seems girly, yet terrifying at the same time. xxx

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