April 21, 2011

Libraries and Bookstores Galore... Have Your Say!

Hey guys, it’s has be come apparent to me that everybody loves the posts on libraries and bookstores...

I would love to know if YOU have been to a library or a bookstore that has inspired you, if you’ve had a moment in a library that’s made you want to to read even more - a literary epiphany? Or do you just like the serene quiet of the library - You tell me!

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I keep posting about the top library experiences from YOU.

And a few from me! If you have a great library or bookstore experience, send in your photo to me at  
thebookslooth@gmail.com and your story if you like!

And I’ll be posting a few of my favourites!

1 comment:

Anna said...

that's a great idea. do fictional libraries count?

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