August 21, 2011

REVIEW: The Ink Trilogy by Cornelia Funke

The Ink Trilogy
2. Inkspell
3. Inkdeath

Meggie and her father Mo have the ability to read a book and bring it into reality, as real as them. 
Having always been close with her father since her mothers mysterious disappearance, she is used to knowing everything about her father's life, so when an enigmatic figure comes to their house and claims that he knows Mo and Meggie, Meggie is shocked and wonders what her father is keeping from her. Meggie soon learns why her father has never read aloud since her mothers disappearance, and why she has always lived a life moving around. Odious Villain Capricorn is after them, he himself was once read out of a book by Mo, and he wants someone else to be read out too.

The Ink Trilogy by Cornelia Funke is a fast-paced book that allows the reader to imagine what it would be like to bring your most beloved characters from classic books, such as the crocodile from Peter Pan, or Huckleberry Finn, to come alive and become part of our world.

Funke has carefully crafted her characters and plot, resulting in a one of a kind novel that is a must read for anybody who has ever wanted the perfect fantasy book.

This book is great for guys or girls, 9-13. Although, I am sure that even adults would enjoy this wonderfully weaved novel.
Psst... Inkheart is one of my favourite books of all time!

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