September 21, 2011

REVIEW: The Morganville Vampires Books 2&3

I just read books 2 and 3 of The Morganville Vampires, and what can I say?
Loved It.

Since everybody knows that they are going to be great, I thought that instead of a full - fledged review for each book in the entire series, I might combine them, focusing on what the books are about - without giving too much away, and giving a paragraph or two of what I thought about each.

So, without further a du...


Book 2: The Dead Girls Dance

Good News: Shane's dad is in town. Not so good news: he's horrible, he brought a bikie gang with them and his dad has a temper. Even worse: The gang has a vendetta against the vampires of Morganville. Suddenly, life isn't always as sunny as Claire thought it would turn out to be. Oh, and that revenge plot,  yeah, it's personal.

Book 3: Midnight Alley

Ever since Claire made the life-altering decision of signing her life off to head honcho vampire Amelie, nothing's happened. Some may say it's the calm before the storm, or that something's brewing. They're right. Out of the blue, Amelie demands that Claire works with an ancient, dangerous and just slightly mad vampire. Now maybe Claire will need Amelie's protection, her life depends on it after all.

Midnight Alley and The Dead Girls Dance have been written with the usual Rachel Caine flair. Full of dark humour, sassy one-liners and intimidating situations. As usual, the characters were crafted well, all following the logic that they have been developed with throughout the book.
Entertaining, absorbing and a great plot line that leaves you knowing there's more, the second and third installments will have you hooked.

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Hi Isme,
Thanks so much for the comments- it's great to hear form you!
That cookbook looks amazing! LOVE!
Thanks- Hugo's so sweet and soft, I'm in love! ( :
Etsy rocks!

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