December 23, 2011

Anna and the French Kiss playlist


Here is the playlist that accompanies Anna and The French Kiss, compiled by author Stephanie Perkins here.
P.S. It's the spoiler-free verison, so if you're thinking of reading Anna, then get in the mood with this playlist without ruining anything. 

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Goodreads Page here.

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Ceska said...

What I really enjoyed is how the book takes place during an entire YEAR. There's none of that having to read like, four books in a series-and having it only span three months or something of the like. No, I really liked how Perkins didn't dwell on anything too long, so really, we get to know the characters, but you have to have it in your mind that this is over the span of 12-months. So, Anna is really given the chance (as well as the other characters, too!) to develop, and then I think that this gives readers a better chance to connect and relate to characters and situations.
Then the setting-Paris. Who doesn't want to read about an American who doesn't speak a lick of French survive in the City of Light? That alone should entertain, even without the hot British guy!

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