February 17, 2012

My Maine Obsession

"Mom's left us a lot. She left us in Dayton, Denver, and Detroit. She left us in Tucson and Teaneck. I make it sound like a song, but it's true. Except that we never did live in Tucson, I just needed another T-town. Anyway, if we had lived in Tucson, she would have left us there too. Unlike Dad, she always does come back."

Okay, I know that this might sound a little weird, but ever since I read the book Welcome home or someplace like it  by Charlotte Agell I have been hunting for books set in New England (or more specifically, Maine). 

I read it when I was about eleven and it was the perfect time to read it. Something about that time in my life, with the mood of the book, it is one of my top 5 books of all time and always will be.
I highly recommend it if you're a girl aged 10-13.

A refreshingly witty and moving novel that uncovers the true meaning of "home"

Aggie B. Wing and her brother, Thorne, are relocating again. This time their writer-mom is dropping them off for the summer in Ludwig, Maine, with their estranged ninety-one-year-old grandfather who receives phone calls in his leg and happens to sleep all day. Still, Aggie is determined to find some good in this move. What's not to like about a two-bit town in the middle of nowhere with only a Quikstop, a funny old church called Our Lady of the Wilderness, and a tiny island full of cat bones? 

Once Aggie begins exploring the town and meets the indelible Mad, however, things start to get really interesting. Could there be miracles at play in Ludwig? More specifically, could this quirky town be home for once and all? In a stunning debut novel, Charlotte Agell proves that finding your way home can happen in the most unexpected of ways.

Have you read any books that have been 'just perfect' for you?

Can you help me feed my infatuation and recommend any good books set in Maine or New England? 

Look out for the review of Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick coming this week.

1 comment:

Anna said...

i read when hitler stole pink rabbit when i was 11, and it was perfect.

i read heaven shop and parvana both at 12 and i understood what they were about, which i wouldn't have a year or so earlier, but it was still so new.i real learning experience.

as yr3s my friend and i had a roald dahl phase, then we read all the judy blume books at 9. absolutley unbeatable.

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