May 26, 2012

Cover Art

I found this cool strip of classic children's stories covers re-made/ modernised/ I don't know what?! I think Snow White might be my favourite! Oh, or The Aristocats! I don't know!

Which one's your favourite?
Why not tell everyone in the comments section?


via The Meta Picture.


Anna said...

i really like sleeping beauty :)

Cass (Words on Paper) said...

I'm liking the Snow White cover art. I'm also digging the The Lion King one. I love that they used the sun as the baddie's eye (>< sorry can't remember his name)

loudmouth said...

I think I'd have to say Peter Pan. It's the dazzling moon that does it for me :) Nice blog you have here. I have a book blog too if you wanna check it out. It's call Read It Now Or Else. Completely non-threatening.

Ismé said...

I think it's Mufasa?!?! Don't quote me on that :)

I think that's what's clever about lots of them too, especially Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid.

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