June 06, 2012

Cover to Cover: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

Ok, so you all might know that I am a stickler (what a weird word) for covers, and that a bad ( in my opinion) cover can put me off reading a book ( but not for long!).

I am often annoyed when I buy a book with an okay cover, only to find that a foreign cover is so much better. I might be a total book-cover-snob, but you have to agree with me; it's totes true.

I haven't yet read it, (just about to start) but I love the fact that The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E Smith has such cute, fun, light covers ALL OVER THE WORLD.

It's so unfair on one hand, so lucky on the other and makes me happy on the other. (Wow! Apparently I have three hands. Who Knew?!)

My second favourite cover, I love everything about it: Holland

 Not really one of my favourites, but still cute: France

SOOO cute, reminds me of Boys, Bears, and a Serious pair of Hiking Boots by Abby McDonald: don't know what country - obviously English as a first language!

MY FAVOURITE, you can see why!: Italy

So Cute: China

*raised eyebrow* Makes me think that it is an adult book. Minus the heart on the i in blik: Denmark

Love the colour palette: Germany

Really cool idea for a cover, love the eyes (hmhm - what else is there to like?!): Norway

Cute re-take of the English cover: Sweden

The Original, funnily enough, it doesn't make my top 3: US/UK

My Top 3:

1. Italy
2. Holland
3. Unknown (the third cover from the top)

Which ones are your favourites?


Jess said...

I really like the US/UK and Swedish covers, as well as the Holland one. I also like the French one but I think it looks more like a movie poster. I don't really like the rest.

I am a total cover snob too. I often buy the US or UK edition instead of the Australian one if I like it better :)

Anonymous said...

I think that the third one is another US cover, but I can't be sure. I love France, Germany, Norway and the US/UK/AU one! SUch an amazing book! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Norway's great, too!

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