August 13, 2012

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Jessica Shirvington

Virtue you most admire & why?
Forgiveness and loyalty. Both show a persons ability to put another first.

What happened that made you realise that you had made it as a writer?
I signed a publishing contract! But to be honest, I don't know that any writer ever feels that have really made it - we are only ever as good as our last book and you never know if there will be another one. It can be a little daunting.

There is so much angel mythology out there, why choose this specific set? Was there something specific about it that made you interested in it?
To start with, when I started writing EMBRACE there was very little angel mythology out there - that was part of the reason I chose it, so it was a little frustrating to see the popularity of the theme when publication came round. At the same time, it also helped, so there were good and bad elements to it. In terms of why it interested me ... I wasn't keen on writing about supernatural beings like werwolves and vampires, but the idea of angels felt really interesting. I love the types of questions they open up and the focus on a greater government, on whether we have freewill or not. It just worked well for me and helped me develop my characters in a way I wanted.

7 of your favourite things at the moment?
My family, my home, writing, reading, Crunchies (yum), coffee, skiing!

Is there anything that you want to say to your readers/ ask them?
I say everything I want to say in my stories. I hope they enjoy them, they are written to be read and meant as an escape. I hope readers get that.

J.K. Rowling and many other authors have admitted to getting frustrated with characters and have considered getting rid of them. J.K. Rowling even said that at one point, she was going to kill Ron. Has that happened to you?
If so, who and why/ why not? Not really. I get very attached to my characters, good and bad. There are some that I feel reach their time and need to go in order for the story to move forwards. But I always feel a little sad. The thing with writing a series is that you do accumulate quite a large number of characters. The Violet Eden Chapters is well over 100 characters now, so every now and then...some have to go!

If not yourself, who would you be?
 I'm not sure. I'm pretty ok with being me. It has taken a long time and I probably spent too many years trying to be more or something else only to realise who I am is who I want to be. I know that sounds boring, and it is, but I'm also ok with that. :)

Your heroine(s) in history?
There are many strong women to admire and learn from. Queen Elizabeth I - the lives of the royals are incredibly unique and fascinating, hers in particular. From a literature point of view I'd have to go with Jane Austen who was remarkable in so many ways.

Thank you to Jessica Shirvington and Hachette books for this interview. You can read my review of Jessica's first novel EMBRACE here.

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