December 31, 2010

REVIEW: House of Night - Book 8: Awakened by P.C. and Kristin Cast

U.S. Cover

******WARNING!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! ******

Now that Zoey's back from the otherworld and Neferet has been placed as High Priestess of the Tulsa House of Night once again, trouble brews.Rephaim is torn between loyalty to his father, kalona, and to the one he loves, Stevie Rae. As darkness follows Neferet to the House of night, can Zoey return to Tulsa before Darkness takes over?

Being the eighth installment in the House of Night series, If you are starting this series, the make sure that you read it from the first book, MARKED.

I genuinley enjoyed the new installment in the House of Night series. The suspense that was left from the last book made me open the page as soon as I got sent it. The characters made choices that were true to what you believe they would do, the relationship between Stevie Rae and Rephaim brought another dimension to it, aswell as the innner struggle that Rephaim has between loyalty to Kalona and to Stevie Rae, his choices were beleviable. The emotions were pulled through out the book as the drama & tension levels rised, all the way to the climactic finish.

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