December 15, 2009

House of Night by P.C. and Kristin Cast

I reccommend the House of Night for teenage girls of 13-17

1. Marked      2. Betrayed      3. Chosen      4. Untamed      5. Hunted
6. Tempted      7. Burned      8. Awakened      9. Destined (out soon!)

Zoey Redbird is just your normal teenage girl. That is, until she is marked, destined to attend the house of night where she will learn about vampyre life as a fledgling before undergoing the change into a full vampire. But darkness is brewing at the House of Night. Can Zoey adjust to life at the House of Night and as a fledgling vampyre with extra powers before it is too late?

I recommend this book for 13 - 16 or 17 year old girls. If they like vampire novels or teen novels that they can relate to then these are the books for them. ***

The House of Night series is unique because it set in reality, the characters come across normal problems, but they come with a unique twist that gives you hours of entertainment.

The authors, mother, P.C. Cast and Daughter, Kristin Cast co-wrote this book together so that they could have, in my opinion, the sophistication of the writing style, mixed in with a vocabulary and personalities created by a teenager that make the books easy to relate to and hard to put down.

The story line is based around a 16-year-old girl named Zoey, and even though she is marked to become a vampire and attend the house of night, she still faces the problems that most 16-year-old girls go through.
The spin that is put on the everyday situations makes for un-put-down-able reading that can easily be read in one session.

So if you're not one for reading, I assure you, these books will get you hooked

*** NOTE: House of night series contains sexual references ***

for more information, go to the website of the series here:
all pictures copyright  P.C. and Kristin Cast

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lilyzed said...

This is brilliant! I am so impressed with your reviews! I can't wait to see you tomorrow to do some more writing!
Lily Zed

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