December 26, 2009

CHERUB by Robert Muchamore

If you want a book for teenage boys (even some girls)  from 13 - 16, and they like adventure and spy novels, then here is a series that they will love. Also, if your child /grandchild isn't a big reader, then this is a great series to get them reading...

CHERUB by Robert Muchamore
please note: these book contain themes such as: terrorism, drugs, animal testing, gangs, brainwashing, human trafficking and contain violence profanities.
1. The Recruit
2. Class A
3. Maximum Security
4. The Killing
5. Divine Madness
6. Man Vs. Beast
7. The Fall
8. Mad Dogs
9. The Sleepwalker
9.5 Dark Sun (Mini Book
10. The General
11. Brigands MC
12. Shadow Wave (released in late 2010)

I reccommend this series for boys aged 12 -16. If they are fans of adventure or spy novels then they will definitely enjoy these books. These books are not really aimed at girls,but, girls who enjoy these sorts of books will enjoy CHERUB.

These books capture you and put you into the novel that is written in a fast paced style. They keep you interested and use language that is commonly used among the readers so that they; understand more and don't have to keep a dictionary beside them!

The Experience of becoming a spy who goes on missions all around the world and gets into situations that will keep you guessing until the very last pages make for an enticing story that will be enjoyable for a wide range of ages.

This series, personally is a book that I always recommend when someone is looking for a good book and is a good read.


CHERUB Website

CHERUB series book list

all pictures copyright Robert Muchamore 2009

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brave chickens said...

Shadow Wave is coming out this month. Woohoo! I'm so excited :D

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