December 30, 2009

The Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child

Once again, Lauren Child has worked her magic and made a fabulous picture book that any child will love. The classic tale of the Princess and the Pea is captured in this wonderful interpretation of the timeless story.                                                          With illustrations that will take your breath away, and a story line that follows tradition, but with a small twist I recommend this book for girls of the age of 5 - 9.    Younger children may need to have the book read to them, but don't worry, it will keep you entertained aswell.                                                         As quoted by The Observer, "This exquisite picture book would make a perfect bed time story". This, I believe to be true.

To visit Lauren Child's website, follow this link.

Here are some wonderful images from the book.

all pictures copyright Lauren Child 2009

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