December 27, 2009

A Trip to the Bookstore...

I was at my Mum's friends bookstore (Subiaco Bookshop) on Rokeby Road when I stumbled across her pop-up book collection.
What a dazzling collection it was...

There were many books in the collection, but there were some that I just couldn't resist reading.

The first one was Snow White, pop-ups by Jane Ray.

This classic tale is told through the classic story of Snow White that we have all come to love, and the magnificent pop-up pages that Jane Ray has created.

The 6 scenes created in the book are set when:

Snow White's mother accidentally pricks her finger while sitting at the windowsill.
  1. The Evil Queen looking into her Magic Mirror and becoming jealous of Snow White's beauty
  2. Snow White lost in the Woods and finding the Dwarves' house.
  3. The Evil Queen and her 1st attempt to kill Snow White
  4. The Dwarves finding Snow White unconscious after eating the Poison Apple.
  5. Snow White waking up with the Prince and the Dwarves at her side.

This book's wonderful illustrations make for a magnificent pop-up book that is timeless for any age. But if you are looking for certain ages:
I recommend this book for little children of 6 upwards to have it read to them, children up to the age of 11 would enjoy this book as well as adults.

all pictures copyright Jane Ray 2009

The second one was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Pop-ups by Robert Sabuda.

Robert Sabuda is one of my favorite Pop-Up Book Artists. His work stretches the Imagination to the limits with the amazing pop-ups and illustrations that usually go hand-in-hand with classic tales that we all love.

In my opinion, Alice in Wonderland is one of Robert Sabuda's best pop-up books. The Illustrations / pop-ups are exactly, I would imagine, what Lewis Carroll always imagined.

I recommend this book for any young child from 6 upwards to 11 and with no doubt, any adult.

all pictures copyright Robert Sabuda 2009

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Anonymous said...

I Love this feature on pop up books as I am a big fan and you have shown some lovely editions Shelley

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