January 23, 2011

A Wicked Giveaway!

Because I loved the book so much, I thought that I would share the love with all my readers out there...

Open INTERNATIONALLY, the winner of the competition will receive a brand new copy of Wicked Lovely By Melissa Marr.

What the book is about:

Aislinn has always seen faeries. She has always lived by the three rules:

RULE 3: Never stare at Invisible faeries.
RULE 2: Never speak to Invisible faeries.
RULE 1: Don't ever attract their attention.

But these rules alter dramatically when a faerie pursues Aislinn. Disguised as human and oddly trying to become part of her life, can Aislinn keep her secrets, fall in love and make the right choices?

To enter, simply comment on this post if you are a follower or have a Google account. If you Do NOT have one of these, then you can select anonymous on the Identity section and write your name in the comment section.

You Do NOT have to put your email on the comment section, don't worry if you already have, I will contact the winner. 

The Competition starts on Monday, January 24th and Closes on The 6th of February at 10PM Australian Western Standard Time.

To read the review, click here

Watch the trailer below!


Anonymous said...

Lyssandra Norton!

I'd love to be entered :D

binabug said...

I'm a follower , please enter me as well

binabug said...

sorry, didn't post my email
sabina dot edwards at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a follower here and I would love to win this book! It sounds really great!
I don't think I'm supposed to put my email (I didn't read any part that said I should, sorry if I was supposed to though! I get quite excited about competitions so I could have missed it!) you can contact me via my blog!
Thank you!

Sharli said...

I'd love to read this! Please count me in. I'm a follower :)


nicnacnoo100 said...

I'm a follower, please enter me in the draw!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this awesome giveaway, hope I'll win it and I am a follower,too;)


Alice Dwyer said...

I'm a follower :) It looks like a fab book.


Damla (Sweepstake Lover) said...

I follow via GFC. Thank you!

annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo.com

Diana said...

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!


Judit said...

What a GREAT prize! I'd love to be entered.
I'm GFC follower (Judit)


judittten at gmail dot com

Elodie said...

Thanks for this amazing giveaway and for making it international (since I'm from France) !! I've heard great things about the Wicked Lovely series and it's a great occasion to start readint it !! I'm a new follower of your blog ans it seems pretty great, I'm glad to have found it !!
If you're interested mine is : onceuponaquote.blogspot.com !!

Birgit said...

Please enter me!
Following you on GFC!

danaan at gmx dot at

NatD23 said...

Thanks for making the giveaway international. I'm a GFC follower.

Erinberry said...

I'm a follower. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Lexie said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I'm a new GFC follower (Lexie@BookBug).

Deea said...

Wicked!:D I love this series! Well, I read it when it came out in my country, but I want to have an original copy. Great books are not the same when translated...
Anyways, thanks or the giveaway and for making it International!

Deea said...

Oh, I just realized the contest ends on my birthday. Hehe, this book would be a perfect present. :D

Lynossa (Deranged Book Lovers) said...

Thanks for the opportunity!

I'm a follower.


ps: love your blog's name ^^

SelphyClark (Not really!~) said...

Wow that book trailer is amazing!
Yeah, I'll enter on this why not!~

Kulsuma said...

Count me in please! Thanks:)

♥ Tawni Ann said...

I would love to be entered. :) I am a follower. Thanks for the giveaway!


Moonlight Gleam said...

I am a GFC follwer! Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity!


-petit said...

I'm a GFC follower :D Thanks for the giveaway!


Chelsmac91 said...

I'd love to enter for this

buddyt said...

Please enter me in the giveaway.

I have just found your blog and have signed up to Follow via GFC.


Carol T

Anna said...

i'd love to enter.
thank you for a great competition isme.
i've written a post about it on cherry banana split. :)

Mikki-Manó said...

Woow, thanks for the giveaway =) The cover is sooo beautiful, I think =)
I'm a follower, and here is my email in case I won xD

Spav said...

Count me in, please. I've had this series on my wishlist for a very long time.

GFC Follower


Natalie Mulford said...

Just started following you! Yay for Aussie book bloggers!

Love to enter the comp, as much as I LOVE this series I only have them as e-books!


Natasha Areena said...

Thanks for the giveaway! This book look like an amazing read.I'd love to enter and try my luck!


Mithee (The Deranged Book Lovers) said...

Please enter me! I've always wanted to read Wicked Lovely. I can't relate to my fellow book lovers whenever they start gushing about the series. Thanks!

somithee at gmail dot com

Lucy said...

Thank you for the giveaway !! I really want to read Wicked lovely :)


iLuvReadingTooMuch said...

OMG Thanks for the giveaway! Heard so much about this book! I'm a follower btw!


CAsanmiguel said...

want to read this! :)


Missy said...

I hope win this book! thank you for this contest open internationaly.
I'm a follower.

dothetwist said...

I am a follower!

Anonymous said...

i'd love to read this book

Chloe said...

I love reading books about fae! This book sounds great, thank you for the giveaway and a chance to own this book!

I'm a follower- chloe81012@googlemail.com

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