June 17, 2011

REVIEW: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

When Clara Gardner was 14, she found out that she, her brother and her mother were all part angel, and that she has a purpose that she must fulfill...
Now, Clara is 16 and she is having visions of a strange boy trapped in the center of a bush fire's path. It's not long before Clara realises that this is her purpose and that she must find out who the boy is & where this is happening before it is too late and she is unable to fulfill her god-given purpose.

The sub-genre of angel novel may or may not put you off reading this book, but all I can say is, fan or no fan of paranormal, Unearthly is warm and soothing, the kind of book you read by the fire or in bed on a Sunday morning.

The whole book is enjoyable, it progresses at a natural pace; it doesn't have you in the character's mind for pages on end or have you flipping back and forward in the pages because it progresses too fast.

Hand has created characters that pull at your emotions, Hand makes you feel love, hate, anger, frustration or a range of other emotions towards the characters, their decisions and the situations presented in the novel.
Hand is a skilled writer and knows how to manipulate the plot of the novel making it a surprising ride that entices you to read more and more. The experience of looking forward to a part in a novel is not ruined by the moments in between, you find yourself just as happy to read those moments in between to get to the resolutions or final showdowns.

I recommend Unearthly for teenage girls aged 13-16, a bit of romance, comedy, drama all combined with the flair of Cynthia Hand's writing is sure to have you loving Unearthly.

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