June 10, 2011

This Week, not much happened...

This week, I have been very slack with blogging and I am very sorry for that, but I have some end of the week news and updates for you!
The ridiculous mockery of a feature from The Wall Street Journal about 'The Darkness of Young Adult Fiction'. All I can say is; this is completley ridiculous... There has been uproar in the YA Fiction community about this silly article, just for fun, read the ridiculousness here.

The responses around the blogging and YA community about the Wall Street Journal are displayed here @ The Tales Compendium - Thanks Jess!

Make sure to check out Books to Pine For @ The Story Siren, I like the covers of all these books, can't wait  to find out what they will be like!

I am always fascinated by actors or singers and the like who go on to write biography's such as the terrible Miley Cyrus one (except for those who like Miley Cyrus, sorry!) to Hillary Duff's new book which seems to have good reviews and actually be a decent novel!
Have a look at the review from Chicklish here

Also, I have now crossed Paper Towns off my to-buy list (what a very very long list it is!) and am excited about reading it soon! Look for the review coming soon; and for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, click here

All the best adventures in reading land,


The Book Slooth

1 comment:

Betsy said...

looks like you have been pretty busy, reading and reviewing.

big sis xx

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