March 02, 2012

The Reluctant Hallelujah

So, I found out about this really cool book that has just come out from Penguin, and I was really excited when I was offered a review copy - thought I would share!

But there I go, getting ahead of myself. Skipping straight to the part where I was front-page news and they were calling me Dorothy, instead of starting at the beginning... 

When Dodie's parents go missing just as final year exams are about to start, she convinces herself they're fine. But when the least likely boy in class holds the key – quite literally – to the huge secret her parents have been hiding all these years, it's up to Dodie, her sister, the guy from school, and two guys she's never met before, to take on the challenge of a lifetime. So now Dodie's driving – unlicensed –to Sydney, and being chased by bad guys, the police, and one very handsome good guy.

"It's the road trip book with a twist that we've been excited about for a while - The Reluctant Hallelujah! It's a bit of a wacky Weekend at Bernie's, mixed with a secret body in the basement, a dash parents missing and the final days of high school thrown in. Really, only Gab Williams could come up with such an imaginative plot like this, that sounds crazy but when you're reading feels normal and natural.

Check out this extract in which we meet Dodie - not Dorothy! - and get a glimpse into how things start to go wrong!" -
 Between the Lines

So, are you excited too?
If you are, you can check out a sneak preview here. 

Look out for the review,

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