February 01, 2014

Pulp! The Classics

I just bought a copy of Tess of the D'Urbervilles… not a very tame edition keep in mind! I love it! 
It's like Thomas Hardy x Mills and Boon

Aren't these editions by Pulp! The Classics absolutely fabulous?!?

The words are just as funny as the covers…

Plus, I swear that Ryan Gosling is on the Dorian Grey cover - which I pretty much think is confirmed by the Hey Girl. Oh, if you haven't heard, find out here. And then I went to Pulp! The Classics' shop and read this comment from the cover designer:

Illustrator David Mann comments on this cover:
This cover features a genuine attempt to make an accurate likeness of currently favoured Adonis / prince of the screens – Ryan Gosling, a specific choice of my handlers at Pulp! The Classics.

You can see more here if you're interested. I know that I am.

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