May 15, 2010

Split By a Kiss & Swapped by a Kiss by Luisa Plaja

Split by a Kiss by Luisa Plaja .

I recommend this book for girls 11 - 14.
This book will be enjoyed by fans of Michelle Jaffe, Louise Rennison and Meg Cabot.

The book Split by a Kiss uses an interesting plot device. The main character, when faced with a kiss , literally splits into two possible alternate realities.

The reader sees the main character as the nerd, who rejects the kiss and slaps him and also as the most popular girl in school who accepts the kiss.

This is where the story is split. Similar events occur in both plot lines, but each personality makes a different decision that affects their lives in different ways.

This book uses a technique that makes it very different from other books I have read.
It ropes you in with story lines that are relate-able for both nerds, and popular kids. (NOT bias here!)

2. Swapped By a Kiss

The Second Book, Swapped By a Kiss,  uses the same plot device and characters, but swaps the lives of Rachel, and the main character, Jo.

In this book, Jo becomes Rachel

And Rachel becomes Jo

To swap back, they must learn that everyone faces challenges, no matter how different they may be, but it makes it harder when boyfriends, family, Buffy Posters and Best Friends get involved!
Get ready to be craving more of this fantastic new series!

To visit the website of Luisa Plaja, Click Here

NOTE: the Author has written another book in a similar style.
It is called Extreme Kissing.
** the second book in the series is called Swapped by a Kiss

all pictures copyright  Luisa Plaja 2010

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