May 21, 2010

A Dark Touch Novel: Shadows by Amy Meredith

16 year old Eve Evergold is different. 
But she doesn't know that. 
Out of the blue, Eve discovers that she has powers, and that the powers she wields tie her to dark forces that she must destroy, a Demon. 
But Who's the demon? Could it be the new playboy around, Luke, the other mysterious new resident of Deepdene, or could it be someone she has known all along?
Find out with Eve as she discovers her powers, and the Dark Secrets that have been kept secret, in the Shadows...

I recommend this book for girls aged 12-14.
The novel starts off a bit slow, but once you have made the halfway mark, the novel grips you, and pulls you into the shadows. I makes you guess who the demon is, think you know, but you're still not sure. Eve learns to control her powers in both comical and serious ways that keep you wrapped up trying to guess what's coming next... But can you. Eve is portrayed as a teenage girl that has a love of shopping, this addiction leads to comical things such as the 'shoe hotness scale' and sometimes things not so funny.
So... If you read the book and get a bit bored, I suggest that you keep reading, just like a puzzle, it all comes together... Also, it's worth it!

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Anonymous said...

My friend recommended this series to me and although I am only reading the 2nd book I already love them just like my friend who has read them all!

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