March 26, 2011

REVIEW: Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

Claire Danvers has always been smart, genius smart. Which has  always made her an outsider.
When 16 year old Claire starts college,, the mean girls pounce. She expected that, but what she didn't expect is their deadly motives. The town of Morganville is ruled by vampires, old and deadly, they are out for fresh blood...

Supernaturally original, Glass Houses is a novel that takes on the vampire genre and makes it it's own.

The book is aimed at older high school teenagers, and I think it acheives that, It uses popular culture, situations that are relevant to people of the target age to relate to them, which makes it highly enjoyable and hard to put down.

Personally, once I started reading Glass Houses, I couldn't put it down, I read through the night just to find out what was coming in this toothsome novel filled with plot twists and turns.

The main character, Claire, is just an ordinary teenage girl, which makes a refreshing change from the super-powerful-destined-to-rule-the-world main character cliche. I loved the other characters, them all being like able; except of course, the ones who you weren't supposed to like. Those characters were just hideous.

Highly enjoyable and easy to read, Glass Houses is the first book in the Morganville Vampires series, recently re-published by Penguin.

Check out all the news on the series at the Penguin Blog, Between the Lines here...

1 comment:

Cass (Words on Paper) said...

Still haven't read my copy. This great review might just be the push I need. :)

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