March 10, 2011

REVIEW: Mercy by Rebecca Lim

Intriguing and mysterious, Mercy is an original novel that will keep you up at night.

Ever- stirring soul Mercy wakes in a new body, she has forgotten her past, and has no clue about her present, and she must string together the clues about whose body she is inhabiting before people realise. Carmen, a petite, genteel teenage girl is her host; on exchange in a town called Paradise, Mercy discovers herself, who Carmen is and what she really is. But can Mercy help solve the town's mystery and save a lost girl before it's too late?

Mercy is just the kind of book I love. 
Lim intertwines the genres of mystery, romance and thriller together to make just the right balance for a novel that will keep you on your toes, believing that you are part of the story, an onlooker into the world of Mercy.

I also loved the way that Lim created a strong heroine to centre the novel around, she didn't get caught up in the moment and lose herself, she kept strong morals; she didn’t falter and fall when an obstacle or a distraction walked into her path, while discovering herself along the way.

I felt that the characters (including Mercy/Carmen) were likeable and truthful, the queen bee playing the part that she was born to do, there was the known roles, but they had a twist to them that was exciting to read about.

The plot line was unique, on many occasions taking unexpected turns that made the book even more enjoyable to read. Mercy stands out from all the other angel/ supernatural novels out there by using bewitching prose and combining multiple genres.

I would recommend this book for teenage girls aged 13 -16, it is highly enjoyable and would be great for a reluctant reader, it keeps you interested.


1. Mercy
2. Exile (out soon)
3. Muse (out soon)

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