March 19, 2011

Tripple Ripple Book Launch

Last night, I went to the Tripple Ripple Book Launch at the Fremantle Childrens Literature Centre.

Anna from Cherry Banana Split and I met the author, Brigid Lowry and were very excited to purchase our copies of the Long-awaited book.

The Blurb & A Bit About Brigid:           from goodreads

Brigid Lowry's original fairytale with a modern twist will totally charm romantic girls from age 12 up. It's a clever story that combines a fairytale and a modern-girl's tale, and reveals the magic of the writer's creative journey.

The Writer begins with a sparkly good idea for a fabulous fairytale. A girl called Glory is sent to work in the Royal Palace, where the queen is planning a grand ball and a bad-tempered princess is sorting through jewels and tiaras. And, unknown to Glory, the threads of her destiny are coming together.
Nova is reading the fairytale. Fairytales are not usually her thing, but right now she's feeling a bit messy and lost. Her best friend has gone away and bitchy Dylan is hassling her. Still, Nova is curious to find out why Glory's mother is scrabbling under the bed for an old magic book.
Can the Writer make everything turn out happily ever after? Will the princess find true love? Will Glory escape a secret curse? And can Nova smooth out the lumps and bumps in her life?

Brigid Lowry was born in New Zealand and now lives in Australia. After the success of Guitar Highway Rose, she wrote Follow the Blue, and then she collaborated with her son, Sam Field, on the fantasy adventure Space Camp. Brigid's next novel, With Lots of Love from Georgia, won the YA section of the New Zealand Children's Post Book Awards. Her collection of stories and poetry, Tomorrow All Will Be Beautiful, won the Victorian Premier's Award for YA fiction and was shortlisted for the NZ Post Awards. Her inspiring guide for young writers, Juicy Writing, was a finalist in the NZ Post Awards.

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