November 26, 2011

Blog of the Week

The blog of the week is something I decided to do to acknowledge all the hard work that goes into blogging. All  the hours shackled to a desk, typing furiously to get that review just right, just working yourself to the bone in general. (you know what I mean.) Oh! and don't forget the long hours that the slave master forces you to read for...

This week I would like to acknowledge Rebecca of Reading Wishes  , she's a newbie to the blogging world and she has plunged in with her head above water, producing reviews better than I did when I started and just having a good looking blog in general!

Congratulations, and all those who haven't visited Reading Wishes before - check it out. And all those that have - Make sure to visit again (insert evil laugh here)!

I present you, Rebecca with a badge of honour (in my books at least!)

What a great banner too!


ComaCalm said...

Ooh I love spotting a new blogger! *Heads off to go stal... erm 'follow' her*

ComaCalm's Corner

Anonymous said...

Ooh, hats off to this new idea of yours! Congratulations Rebecca!

REBECCA@ReadingWishes said...

Aww, thank you so much! Your too kind. :D

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