November 04, 2011

Guest Post: Ashley from Book Labyrinth

Hi Everyone,  I'm Ashley and I run Book Labyrinth.

I was so excited when Isme asked me to do a guest post for The Book Slooth. There are so many different topics I could have written about, but I finally decided to talk about some of my favourite book covers.

We've all heard the expression "Don't judge a book by its cover", but you know that we all secretly do exactly that. While it's true that a book's content may not match up to its cover, or that a great book could have a horrible cover, I find that covers often give a good indication of what the book is like. After all, publishers spend millions of dollars designing covers each year. They wouldn't do that if it weren't important for a cover to represent the words inside.

There are so many great covers I could talk about, but I decided to pick a Top 5 of my favourite covers from books I've read in the past year.

I love the simplicity and the classy look of this cover. I also adore the shade of blue they used, and pretty much everything about it.... the font, the symbolism, the tag line ("Hush little students, don't say a word..."), etc.

This one is just gorgeous! The colour, the girl and her hair and her dress, and the symmetry of everything. I especially adore how the ring and the bird and the cage are connected.

On the Jellicoe road by Melina Marchetta is probably my favourite book ever, and my love for it doesn't stop at the cover. I love how the poppy is shown on the cover, and I just love how bright in colour it is.