November 01, 2011

Perth YA Fans Unite


Are you a fan of YA fiction? Are you sick of hearing about all the amazing authors that come to Australia, but who don't come visit their fans in the west? Well we are!

We are a group of Perth bloggers working hard to encourage more authors to make the trip over to WA or even to send a message to all of us over here.

What can you do??
Well, there's a lot that you can do to help us (and you)!
Please know that your email will not be visible to anyone, you can add your link if you have a blog, and that entering your email will not add you to our mailing list. Your email or any of your details will not be seen by any 3rd party either, or sold :)
Keep Updated! 
Subscribe to the blog, like on Facebook, or follow the blog via email... Hopefully this will keep you updated about all the author events, interviews, etc. This will also help show authors and publishers that there is a strong enough fan base for them to come to Perth!
 Spread the word
No matter where you are in the world, spreading the word about our cause would be highly appreciated. 
You can find all the information to do this here.

Make sure to check out the website for up to the minute information, reviews of Australian books, interviews, shout outs, cool blogs and many more cool things!

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