August 23, 2010

Cherry Banana Split

Check out this fabulous blog called Cherry Banana Split. Reviewing only Australian Literature, Cherry Banana Split is the one-stop-blog for all your Australian literature needs.

Run by two 14-year-old girls from Western Australia, Anna and CherryDiva, this blog is a fabulous one to follow.



Anna. 14. social reject. sleep. showers. songs. day dreamer. deep thinker. cupcakes. cuddles. coward. roses. rain. random smiles waiting for the future, scared of missing out.


Hi everyone! CherryDiva and Anna Banana here! We're just two girls from Australia and this is our fabulous book blog! We review books from Down Under, and sometimes New Zealand or other countries if the book is really good! Feel free to recommend a book to us and enjoy reading our blog!

I Suggest you check out this great blog A.S.A.P.!

1 comment:

Nomes said...

oh, sounds cool = i love aussie literature. i'm off to check them out :)

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