August 25, 2010

Ghostgirl: Lovesick by Tonya Hurley

The third novel in the Ghostgirl series, Tonya Hurley surprises us with another wonderful novel.

Where there's Love, there's life after death.

Charlotte Usher died. All because of a gummy bear. After the trials and tribulations of the afterlife, Dead Ed, and a phone help line, Charlotte and her classmate are sent back to earth for their last mission is they are ever to be allowed to enter heaven. Assigned to her old crush, Scarlett must change his life in some small way. But can Charlotte do this without the temptation sabotaging others lives? 

Ghostgirl: Lovesick, is a satirical take on the afterlife, with clashing, yet somehow complementary characters.  With comical dialogue and an engaging plot line, Hurley uses all her talents to make this novel one that I would recommend for girls aged 12-14.

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