August 16, 2010

Which Cover do YOU Like Best?

At the moment, I am reading DEVIL'S KISS BY SARWAT CHADDA.
There are two versions of the front cover, which is your favourite ?
I'd love to hear from you!

U.K. Edition
U.S. Edition
Billi SanGreal is the first girl in the Knights Templar, and the most kick ass weapon-wielding heroine around. At fifteen, her life is a rigorous and brutal round of weapons practice, demon killing and occult lore – and a whole lot of bruises. But then, she didn’t have much choice. Her father, the Templar Master, forced her to take this path. There is no sacrifice Arthur will not make in his war against the Unholy. But Billi hates the Order, and she hates him too. Tempted by a chance to live a different kind of life and reject everything her father wants her to be, she learns to her horror that she may unwittingly have brought down the Tenth Plague upon humanity – the death of all first born. Faced with choosing her destiny, she must make sacrifices greater than she could have imagined.


Anna said...

i think the UK cover would appeal to a wider audience, but i like the US one.

Ismé said...

Hi Anna,
I agree with you.
Thank you for commenting on my blog.

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