August 20, 2010

The Kane Chronicles book 1: The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

The first book in this exciting new series by Rick Riordan, is a definite must-read for anybody craving the witty writing of Rick Riordan, or, just some quality action and humor, all rolled into one un-put-down-able novel.

I recommend this novel for both genders aged 11-14.

When Sadie and Carter Kane's mother died they were split up, Carter to travel around the world with his father Dr. Julius Kane, a world renowned Egyptlogist, and Sadie living in a flat in England with her grandparents. That all changes when the estranged siblings have to work together to save their father from the Egyptian gods that have been released in the modern world.  On top of that, Sadie and Carter have to learn to deal with their magical lineage and how to control their new-found powers. Can Carter and Sadie work together to stop the gods from releasing their wrath on the world?

The Red Pyramid is a novel that is original. Simple as that. The characters are funny, imaginable and easy to relate to. The plot weaves the modern world in with that of the Ancient gods in true Riordan style; with fast paced action and repartee. Humor is weaved through the novel, that will have you laughing out loud. Lovable characters and iniquitous villains are all around.
Grab a copy of The Red Pyramid today!


Anna said...

this sounds like a good read.
i only just read your about me info well enough to find our you're west australia like me. it must be were all the best book bloggers come from.

Belgie said...

This book is so great, i loved percy jackson and was so excited for this and once i read it i loved it more than percy jackson! its a thrilling read that will keep your eyes on the pages for hours! Unlike Percy Jackson this book gives u alot of questions, it doesnt give out the answers right as they tell what just happened which is my favorite thing about this!

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