August 23, 2010

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

Best selling author Alexandra Adornetto brings us another  treasure in her new novel, Halo.

Ivy, Gabriel and Bethany, three angels who are sent down from heaven to balance the forces of good and evil in the tranquil town of Venus Cove don't expect much to happen on their arrival. But are they wrong, love blossoms, secrets are shared and malignant spirits stir. But can this trio of heavenly messengers save the residents of Venus Cove, as well as themselves?

As soon as I turned the first page of Halo, I was sucked in.  Bewitching, engaging and delightful, Halo is definitely a novel to read.
16-Year-Old Angel Bethany is a baby compared to her peers, inexperienced and naive, Bethany struggles with human emotions and day-to-day situations that most of us think of as normal as breathing.

Adornetto's writing convinces you that you are in the novel itself, creating a true-to-life world that makes it possible to envision the  characters and plot in your mind with ease.

"Halo enchanted me from the very first page." Claudia Gray, #1 best-selling author of Evernight series.

One of my favourite novels, I would recommend Halo to any girl aged 13 - 18.

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A wonderfully written book by an up-and-coming author who has a very bright future. This story is a perfect combination of fantasy and the reality of being the new kid in high school. A new twist on the classic theme of good versus evil that is written in a way that is suitable for young adults, yet engaging enough for adult readers. If you like Twilight, you have to read this book.

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