August 15, 2010

Need to Read Trio

Thanks to my friend Fraser, 16, who has given me some reviews for books aimed at girls and boys 14+.

For the kids of Peridino Beach, their greatest dream has become a nightmare.
Every person over the age of 15 has dissapeared without a trace, leaving everyone else trapped in an area where animals are somehow evolving, and some of the kids are starting to change. WIthout authority, the remaining citizens of the tow are descending into chaos with only a few 14-year-olds trying to do anything about it.
If you can't picture it, think X-Men meets Lord of the Flies.

This series is brilliantly written, and I would recommend it to both boys AND girls, though I  would recommend it for readers over the age of 14 due to scenes of disturbing images.

This book, about bridge of all things, is fantastically written by the author of Holes. The Cardturner is about a 16-year old boy who starts helping his blind uncle play cards, but it is nowhere near as dull as it sounds.
This book is the same style of Holes, funny and captivating with a mystery. I would recommend it to readers of all ages and genders.

Set in the magical world of Dragons, Elves and Magic, this series follows the story of Eragon, a farm boy who is the first of the latest, and what may be the last generation of Dragon Riders.

This series is fantastically written, action packed, and a captivating epic that I would recommend to all readers.



Anonymous said...

All these books are really good, especially The Cardturner.

brave chickens said...

The first series reminds me of a tv show called 2030 CE. No one lived over the age of 30 (I think). A dystopian world, going against The Man, etc..

Anna said...

those all sound really good. esepcially the first series.
also, thanks, you're right i shouldn't quit cherry banana split.

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